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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Acceptance of General Conditions of Sale

These terms constitute a contractual agreement between the member (hereinafter also referred to as a customer, advertiser or user) and the Classicpassion website.

By accessing or using the website accessible at: www.classicpassion911.com and / or mobile applications for smartphones or tablets (hereinafter the "Site"), the Customer acknowledges that he / she fulfills the conditions to benefit from Customer quality defined below, to have read these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "GTC") and agree to comply with it without any reservations.

The access or the use of the Site and the Service which it proposes, are moreover subject to the General Conditions of sale and to the Charter relating to the photographs inserted within these advertisements, which are also accessible on line on the Site. via hypertext links at the appropriate locations.

If the user refuses to comply with any of the obligations or conditions contained in these T & Cs, he is invited not to access the Site and not to use it.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified by the Company at any time without notice. The Customer is therefore invited to regularly consult their latest updated version, available to all and permanently accessible on the home page of the Site, by clicking on the hypertext link "Terms and Conditions".

These Terms and Conditions govern only the contractual relationship between the Customer and Classicpassion (hereinafter "the Agreement"). No tolerance of the Company may be construed as a waiver of the rights and obligations arising from these Terms.

Conditions of access to the Service

The user, a natural person, must have reached legal majority and / or have the capacity to conclude a contract within the meaning of the law and must own the second-hand vehicle that is the subject of the advertisement.

Access to the functionalities of the Site, beyond its consultation, is subject to mandatory registration.

Only passive consultation of the Site is not subject to prior registration.

To benefit from the Service, the Customer must first register:

Or by completing the registration form available online on the home page of the site by clicking on "Submit an announcement".

Either by completing the registration form available online on the site in the "My Account" section by clicking on "Register".

In the abovementioned hypotheses, the customer must, on the site, click in the check box "I have read and I accept the general conditions" and declare to have taken knowledge of these GSC and to accept to submit without reserve ; he thus acquires the quality of customer and then has a personal account.

The right of withdrawal can not be exercised for contracts for the supply of services that are fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period, the execution of which has begun after the express prior consent of the consumer and the express waiver of his right of withdrawal in accordance with the article L121-21-8 al. 1 of the Consumer Code.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer expressly requests Classicpassion to execute the contract immediately before the expiry of the withdrawal period and expressly waives his right of withdrawal.

The user warrants to Classicpassion that the information he provides is accurate, truthful, current and complete.

The user undertakes to regularly update all this information in the "My Account" section of the Site.

In the event that the Customer provides false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete data, or otherwise contrary to the law or regulations in force, Classicpassion shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the Contract and its account and to refuse immediately or for the future access to all or part of the Service. It is the same if the client is reported by members of the site following inappropriate or indecent remarks or proposals.

Classicpassion is in no way responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may be found in the contents, opinions or other information provided by a Customer and published on the Site.

The advertiser must choose an identifier (username) and password during registration to allow him to access the Service.

Any advertisement inserted for the benefit of a professional making an offer for exchange or sale, must include a SIREN number (9 digits). or an international company registration number.

The user agrees to register only under one login and password.

The user is solely responsible for any use that may be made of it, and the sole guarantor of their confidentiality, as well as any use of his account. The registered user can change the password at any time in the "My Account" section.

The user agrees to inform Classicpassion immediately of any unauthorized use of his account.

If you forget the password and / or identifier or unauthorized use of these by a third party, reported to Classicpassion, it may require the Customer to change the password and the ID .

Ad Deposit (s)

* Unauthorized photographs:

The inserted photographs must represent the good to be exchanged and can not be used to illustrate several ads.

It is forbidden to insert photos containing:

- Recognizable minor children

-Link to a website other than ours except for a Youtube video of the vehicle.

-Representations unrelated to the proposed offer

* Obligatory information at the depot for new and used vehicles (decree n ° 2000-576 of June 28, 2000)

The brand of the vehicle

The type (sedan, coupe ...)

The model

The variant of this model if necessary

The variant is designated by a single name which must make it possible to identify vehicles of the same model of the make, with uniform technical characteristics of engine, transmission and bodywork, as well as substantial equipment for safety, comfort and interior design. The information must therefore make it possible to identify the vehicle very precisely without any confusion being possible for the prospective buyer.

For new vehicles, you must also mention the following information (Decree of 27 December 2002):

-Fuel consumption

- Carbon dioxide emissions Failure to comply with these rules can be punished by a fine of up to 2250 euros.

For second-hand vehicles

-Indicate the mention "first hand", you must also indicate the following information:

-The month and year of the first entry into circulation

-Indication of the total mileage traveled since this entry into circulation

-If you can not guarantee an indication of the total mileage traveled, you must indicate the mileage entered on the meter followed by the mention "unsecured".

Editing the ad

You can always modify your ad for free

Without incurring any obligation to verify the content, Classicpassion reserves the right to refuse or delete any announcement modified by the advertiser that does not comply with the Classicpassion service's distribution rules. In case of refusal by Classicpassion to broadcast the modified announcement, an email informing the advertiser of the refusal will be sent.

Paid options

* Put the ad back to the top of the list

This paid option comes in three forms:

-Remonter at the top of the list every day for 7 days

The announcement will be listed at the beginning of the list, on the site, every day for 7 consecutive days on the anniversary date of the subscription to the option, during its period of online publication.


An email will be sent to the advertiser to confirm the subscription of the option and another will be sent to him the day after the expiry of the option, ie the 8th day, in order to inform him.

-Remote at the top of the list every day for 30 days.

The ad will be added at the beginning of the list, every day for 30 days, starting from:

the filing of the announcement, its amendment or extension, if the subscription to this option is made at the time of the filing of the announcement, the amendment or the extension,

Subscription to this option if it does not take place on the day the ad is submitted, but during its posting period.

If the duration of the announcement before its removal is strictly less than 7 days, the advertiser will not be able to subscribe to the option.

An email will be sent to the advertiser to confirm the subscription of the option. Then a last email will be sent the day before the expiry of the option, ie the 29th day after the subscription to the option, to prevent it.

-Remonter tops the list every week for 30 days

The Ad will be placed at the beginning of the list, each week on the Anniversary date of the announcement, during its validity period.

* Framed ad

This option allows you to color the ad to make it more visible in the listing.

It comes in two forms: 1 / Framed for seven days. 2 / Framed for 30 days

* Put the ad in the spotlight

This option allows you to highlight an ad in a location separate from the other ads below the results list that matches the search criteria of the property. This site is identified by a logo "Announcements in the spotlight". Ads with the "In Honor" option will be displayed permanently and will therefore have excellent visibility.

If the lifespan of the advertisement before its deletion is strictly less than 7 days, the advertiser can only subscribe to the option for a duration of 7 days.

- announces to the honor for seven days

- announce to honor for 30 days

At the end of the duration of the "In Honor" option, an email will be sent to the advertiser to propose a new broadcast of the ad with the "In Honor" option.


The ads (text and photograph (s)) are put online under the responsibility of their authors.

Advertisements published are therefore likely to be neither complete nor exhaustive nor current and it is up to site visitors to verify such information before the conclusion of any contract.

Classicpassion declines any responsibility in particular as to the exactitude or the relevance of the advertisements, and the conformity of the advertisement to the good exchanged or sold.

Classicpassion has no control over the quality, operation, safety, transferability, conformity, the general condition of the vehicles advertised, the ability of advertisers to exchange or sell the said property or the ability of buyers to pay the said property. .

Since Classicpassion is only the advertising medium of the advertisements, the Customer, as an advertiser, undertakes to indemnify Classicpassion for any prejudice that it incurs in this respect and guarantees Classicpassion against any action based on these insertions.

Classicpassion will make its best efforts to keep the Service running smoothly. However, Classicpassion makes no warranty as to the uninterrupted operation and / or continuity of the Service. Its responsibility will not be engaged in particular in case of delay, failure, impossibility of access to the Service or interruption of the Service.

Classicpassion can not be in any way responsible for the quality or the specifications of the products or services offered by its partners (Financing, insurance, etc.).

We can not be held responsible for external intrusions, the presence of computer viruses in the users' system, any consequences of an alteration, total or partial, of the operation of the site resulting from a bad configuration of their account by the customers. users and the hacking of the customer account of the users, it being specified that it is up to the users to make sure to disconnect themselves from their personal space once the manipulations have been made. We can not be held responsible for the interruption or termination of the telecommunications services of our service providers, including accommodation. We can not be held responsible for loss or alteration of data saved by users.

Classicpassion's liability vis-à-vis the advertiser is in any case expressly limited to the price paid for the publication of the advert.

However, no refund may be required from the customer if the advertisement is deleted even after its publication due to non-compliance with the terms of the site or if this announcement does not correspond to a motor vehicle, no notice will be given to the customer, in case of repetition this one risks the suppression of his account.

Classicpassion reserves the right to share certain vehicle ads on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or certain groups on Facebook, also to use certain ads to promote the site in the form of advertising.

Site activity

The Classicpassion website offers a service of automobile classifieds, spare parts and directory allowing the Net surfers to contact the sellers or exchangers having posted an announcement on the site. By hosting the Classicpassion adverts, potential buyers and sellers (interchanges) can be linked without intervening between the parties, nor in the execution of sales contracts, nor in transactions, nor in delivery of vehicles or payment. Thus, Classicpassion can not be held responsible in case of no conclusion of sale, exchange, non payment of price or no delivery of vehicles possibly sold or exchanged. On the other hand, Classicpassion does not guarantee the authenticity of the ads, the solvency and good faith of the parties, nor the ability to buy or exchange the vehicle. The responsibility of Classicpassion can not be sought for the information and services offered on the site, the information and services are your sole and entire responsibility and is under your own control.

The Classicpassion liability can not be incurred, directly or indirectly, because of these transactions, which obey the general rules of the Civil Code (article 1641 et seq.).

The law and the exchange (Extract of the civil code)

Laws promulgated on March 17 and 24, 1804

Article 1702 Exchange is a contract whereby the parties give each other one thing for another. Article 1703 Exchange takes place by consent only, in the same way as sale. Article 1704 If one of the copermutants has already received the thing given to him in exchange, and then proves that the other contractor is not the owner of that thing, he can not be compelled to deliver that thing. he promised in counter-trade, but only to return the one he received. Article 1705 The copermutant who is ousted from the thing he has received in exchange, has the choice to conclude damages, or to repeat his thing. Article 1706 Rescission for cause of injury does not occur in the contract of exchange. Article 1707 All other rules prescribed for the contract of sale apply to the exchange. Article 1934 The depositary, to whom the thing has been removed by force majeure and who has received a price or something in its place, must return what he has received in exchange.

The use of cookies

There is a technology called "cookies" that is used to provide personalized information from a website. A "cookie" is a piece of information that a website may send to your browser, which may store it on your computer. In order to manage its advertising campaigns, surveys and member authentication Classicpassion uses the technique of "cookies". They do not collect any personal data within the meaning of Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978. Classicpassion does not record any personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. intermediate "cookies". You can set your browser to notify you when a "cookie" is sent to you, allowing you to accept or not. If you have any questions about our practices regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact us via the contact form.

The refusal to install a cookie may result in the impossibility of accessing certain services. The user can however configure his computer as follows, to refuse the installation of cookies:

In Internet Explorer: tool tab (pictogram in the form of a cog in the upper right corner) / internet options. Click Privacy and choose Block all cookies. Validate on Ok.

In Firefox: at the top of the browser window, click the Firefox button, then go to the Options tab. Click on the Privacy tab. Set the Storage Rules to: use the custom settings for the history. Finally uncheck it to disable cookies.

Under Safari: Click on the top right of the browser on the menu pictogram (symbolized by a cog). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the "Privacy" section, click Content Settings. In the "Cookies" section, you can block cookies.

Under Chrome: Click at the top right of the browser on the menu icon (symbolized by three horizontal lines). Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings. In the "Privacy" section, click Preferences. In the "Privacy" tab, you can block cookies.

Protection of personal data

The information collected on the form is recorded in a file computerized by Classicpassion for the management of our customers.

They are kept for the duration of the contract without limitation and are intended only for Classicpassion.

In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés", you can exercise your right of access to the data concerning you and have them rectified by contacting in writing, accompanied by a photocopy of your identity card bearing your signature, and indicate your address for the answer by mail to: Classicpassion, Gilles DESVALLOIS 40 rue Chaudrier 17000 La Rochelle

We inform you of the existence of the list of opposition to soliciting phone "Bloctel", on which you can register here: https://conso.bloctel.fr/

In accordance with the provisions of the law of January 6, 1978 amended by the law of August 6, 2004, known as the "Informatique et Libertés" law, the processing of personal data implemented in connection with the use of the Site and the Services has made the subject of a declaration to the CNIL.

In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés", the user is informed that the transmission of nominative or personal data is necessary to open the account and the use of services and that this data is collected by Classicpassion to this respect.

The optional information requested from the user is intended to better know this one in order to improve his experience on the site and when using the content and services that will be offered.

The personal data of the user are intended only for Classicpassion and will not be transmitted under any circumstances for free or for a commercial or non-commercial purpose, to third-party companies or to Classicpassion partner companies.

Classicpassion may send to the user, by post or electronically, via SMS / MMS and / or any other communication medium, information allowing him to better know Classicpassion, as well as commercial information.

The advertiser agrees that his ad and its content are shared on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, the advertiser acknowledges having read the terms and conditions of use of Facebook and Twitter sites, to accept the terms, mainly in terms of reuse of content and personal data.

Data Protection Act / RGPD

The information we collect is based on the voluntary registration of an e-mail address from you allowing you to submit an ad on our site or receive our newsletter. This information allows us to know you better. They can be used, moreover, to inform you of the existence of our products and services. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the amended Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms (hereinafter law "and Freedoms"), you have a right to access, rectify and delete data concerning you, and the right to oppose that these data are subject to treatment in us contacting by courier at the address indicated above.

Obligations / rules of use / Moderation

The Internet is a common space of exchange and sharing which supposes the mutual respect of the Net surfers and the users as well as the observation of the law. The user agrees to behave, ethical, loyal, respectful and courteous. It also undertakes not to use language that is disrespectful, offensive, discriminatory, racist or offensive to anyone.

The user undertakes not to violate any law nor to commit any act contrary to public order and morality. Without this list being restrictive, are considered as such acts and writings:

- advocating crimes and offenses, including crimes against humanity, war crimes, murder, rape, etc.

- pedophile,

- undermining in any way the minors and respect for human dignity,

- violent, derogatory, defamatory, abusive, unlawful, hateful, racist, anti-Semitic, obscene, pornographic, incitement to suicide or otherwise objectionable,

- inciting all forms of discrimination (including racial, sexual, religious, disability, etc.),

- illegal gambling related.

Any act considered as being serious and carried out in violation of the law or the GSC will be the object of a denunciation with the authorities. In case of violation by the user to any provision of the GTC, Classicpassion reserves the right to engage the responsibility of the User, without prejudice, suspension without notice, the user's account or a temporary or permanent stoppage of his access to the site, the contents and services.

Article 225-1 of the Criminal Code defines discrimination as any distinction made between natural persons, in particular because of their origin, sex, disability, genetic characteristics, morals, sexual orientation, their gender identity, their membership or non-membership, true or supposed, of an ethnic group, a nation, an alleged race or a particular religion [..]. The crime of discrimination, incriminated in Article 225-2 4 ° of the Criminal Code, is punishable by three years' imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Legal Notice

This site is the property of Mr Gilles DESVALLOIS, 40 rue Chaudrier 17000 La Rochelle

The manager of the site is Mr Gilles DESVALLOIS.

Mail: info@classicpassion911.com

The host of the domain "www.classic911market.com" is the company: IONOS 7, place de la Gare - BP 70109 57201 SARREGUEMINES with regard to the announcement site.

The website "www.classicpassion911.com" is hosted by Wix.com Inc - 500 Terry Francis, bldv San Francisco, CA 97158 USA.

Law "Informatique et Libertés"

This website has not been declared to the CNIL. In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 "Informatique et Libertés", you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you online on this site.


This site is subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. Any publication, reproduction or redistribution, both in France and abroad, of all or part of the content of the site Classicpassion911.com is prohibited without the written consent of the company. The internet user undertakes to obtain the prior authorizations of the rights holders under the legal conditions, before any reproduction on the Classicpassion911.com website, of all data protected by an intellectual property right. Each member guarantees that it is authorized to distribute on the site Classicpassion911.com, any content likely to be protected by an intellectual property right, a right of personality or a right to the image.