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The Porsche Classic Marketplace for enthusiasts

Hello, here is the first digital platform for sale, purchase, exchange and rental of Porsche Classic and spare parts.

A section dedicated to professionals practicing in the business of selling, buying, maintaining and restoring Porsche Classic is in place with the particularity of being able to promote each trades and be georeferenced.

Based on an idea from the Community Members of Classic Passion 911, this new space aims to become the world reference for the exclusive exchange of Porsche Classic air cooled.

Thus, this Marketplace brings together an unprecedented offer for the sale, purchase, exchange or rental of 356, 911, 912, 914, 964 and 933, mainly in France but throughout the world.

As part of the digital ecosystem of Classic Passion 911 with over 85,000 subscribers (all networks combined), be assured of a wide visibilty of your ads.

For its first year of launch, individuals and professionals will deposit their ads for free. Nevertheless, a section of paid options (via Paypal) is available to have an unlimited number of photos, promote the ads, or let them on the top of the list.

This site is not intended to receive advertising via 'pop-up'.

It is dedicated to Porsche Classic enthusiasts who want to find in a community platform a service EXCLUSIVELY organized to take care of their air-cooled vehicles, sell it, exchange it or rent it. Welcome, you are here at home.

Carte des 911 Classic disponibles dans le monde